Techno Molds



Manufacturing of Injection Moulds

With the expertise of more than two decades in the art of making quality injection moulding tools, we have manufactured a wide range of tools. The Moulding tools are manufactured using high quality steels for durability and quality. A quality set up to ensure the parts are precise and meeting the norms. All moulds are 3D designed to speed up the process. 3D designing also helps us to incorporate latest features to the moulds with ease of manufacturing. A set of engineers are striving hard to maintain and uphold the company’s motto.

The moulding tools are heat treated and coated according to the requirements for longevity.

Production of Plastic Injection Moulded Components

Depending upon the requirements we produce Injection Moulded components as per customer requirements. Both Cost-to-cost and Labour work orders are taken up for timely service.